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"startlingly intelligent, visually mesmerizing"

"...the film flirts with death and looming romance, while evoking the emptiness and fleeting fulfillment of one-night stands, and the spikes of self-loathing, endemic to being gay in the city." 

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IndieWire  11/25/2014

"Chris Mason Johnson Is a Queer Cinema Rising Star"

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Out In The City  7/21/2014

"TEST looks at a budding romance between two male dancers in 1985 San Francisco."

The Gay UK  7/17/2014

"It's a stunning tale, powerfully told and will undoubtedly be on our list of Top Ten Movies of 2014."

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Towleroad  6/15/2014

"It's a thrill to see an indie this fresh again that speaks so personally to the LGBT audience."

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Gawker  6/12/2014

"In 2014, a story about AIDS in San Francisco in 1985 is as relevant as ever."

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Huffington Post Gay Voices  6/11/2014

"Chris Mason Johnson's TEST is a groundbreaking gay drama set in the world of modern dance."

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GLAAD  6/06/2014

"The film includes beautiful dance sequences choreographed by acclaimed U.S. choreographer Sidra Bell."

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Queerty  6/06/2014

"TEST is currently rocking a very nice 89 percent rating."

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Way Too Indie  6/05/2014

"Director Chris Mason Johnson’s sensuous, cinematic film sidesteps queer cinema tropes, telling an earnest story of desire and terror full of gorgeous modern dance numbers and steamy one night stands."

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NYC Dance Stuff  6/04/2014

"...a journey that is rewarding, upsetting and real. It’s a great film and a wonderful slice of Gay History brought to the big screen."

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SF Gate  6/03/2014
"A sleeper hit on the festival circuit." 
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Huffington Post  2/24/2014
"Sultry and perfectly human." 
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IndieWire  2/12/2014
"It's a refreshingly unpretentious and wholly affecting film that fits nicely in the all too small canon of narrative films about HIV/AIDS." 
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OUT100 2013  11/7/2013
"A tender and touching meditation on the AIDS crisis set in San Francisco in 1985." 
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